Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last scheduled ultrasound today

We get to see Rachel again today! We're expecting her to be even bigger! Hopefully nothing much has changed except her size! My appointment isn't until 330 this afternoon, so I still have quite a while to wait! I've already had my cherry Coke for the day though! She should be jumping! :-) I just hope the contractions haven't done anything to me or her! I want her to come *on time*!!! This is our last scheduled ultrasound b/c my last chemo is on Monday! Yippee!

I entered a contest on Facebook today. Its for HugAMonkey - they make baby slings that I absolutely LOVE. Anyway, the contest was to paint a pregnant belly. Here's the result!
Since Rachel is due on Thanksgiving Day I figured there was nothing more appropriate than a turkey! It was actually really fun to do! If we win I get two free HugAMonkey slings! Today is the last day to enter! I hope it works!

1 comment:

Aussie Therese said...

oh the pregnant belly picture is gorgeous. I hope you win.

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Smiling already at 2 weeks

Smiling already at 2 weeks
Rachel has been smiling as a response to other people since day one.

And two shall become one...

And two shall become one...
In 2006, Andrew & I became one before God and family! Shortly thereafter we became 3 with the birth of Simon in 2008... Then 4 with the addition of Rachel in 2009!

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