Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reunion wear...

I have decided to go to my 10 year high school reunion. I was feeling pretty bad the other day & was strongly considering not going. However, I've gotten so much feedback from my friends that I changed my mind. Yesterday mom & I found the perfect shirt for me to wear. It hides my 6 month preggo baby bump quite nicely & is also glitzy enough for 'cocktail/dressy' wear! Now my big decision is what hair to wear! :-) I'm also trying to see if I can find a head-scarf that will coordinate well enough in case the wig gets too hot. Anyway, here are the two wig styles in my reunion outfit. I will be wearing more make-up so try to ignore the washed out face!

Wig option #1 - I can tame the big-hairness of it down in the back some. This one is a bit lighter than my natural hair w/ highlights in it. Its also wavy - something my hair is naturally NOT!

This is wig option #2. This is more typical to what my hair naturally looks like - pretty dark & very straight. Its a page-boy cut I think. Its also the one that I was wearing when mom took the picture from Look Good Feel Better.

Mom thinks the 1st one is more flirty/sexy & I have to agree. To be completely honest, these pictures don't really do the outfit justice. However, I had my mom take them so I could show my husband. The shirt has oranges, pinks (dark magenta actually), blacks, and even a little bit of brown.


Janine said...

I love the baby bump--don't hide it!!!! You look gorgeous, Erika! Be so proud to be such a beautiful woman. For a more educated response to "Which Wig should I wear?" I need more up close pics of the head...can you do that? :) Hehehe...If not, my vote is for the one that you say looks more like you (was that #2?). Whatever you do, HAVE FUN, and I am so glad you are going.

Aussie Therese said...

my personal preference for the wig is number two. They both look good though.

Krystal said...

I like wig #2 the best. It looks more like you and your personality.

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And two shall become one...
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