Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy day

Yesterday was a very busy day for us. It started Tuesday night when Simon woke up at 9 pm crying inconsolably. He was sneezing, coughing, & snotting profusely. In other words, he was miserable. He kept us up until about 12, but did finally go to sleep. Andrew then couldn't lay down & go to sleep so he kept me up til about 1 am. We all sleep until 930 am. So much for an early start to the day for any of us!

Simon & I bid Andrew goodbye & began to hurry to get ready to go to Madisonville to visit my lab. We were both ready w/n 30 minutes. We picked mom up at her house & drug her with us! We stayed at the lab for a while so I could finalize a report, pick up some case jackets for my deposition soon, and generally chat w/ my co-workers. As we were there Simon started feeling worse & worse. He was very good about it, but you could just see the misery in his eyes. We left, but were starving so we went to Tumbleweed for some lunch. Simon refused to eat anything, but he did drink. We had planned on a short stop at either the mall or Walmart to pick up a few things, but w/ Simon feeling so bad, we didn't really do anything. Actually, Simon & I sat in the car while mom ran in to pick up a few essentials.

Once we got home Simon was needing a nap & comfort in the worst way, so mom agreed to hold him while he napped so I could go home & get some rest. At my house, Andrew was working on the vents/AC b/c we've been having trouble w/ 1/2 the house not cooling properly. He found that the cross vent from the left to right side of the house is collapsed, blocked, & generally in really bad shape. I basically just laid ther & listened! When I went back up to mom's Simon had just woken up, but he was not in the mood to be up. He cuddled back into my lap and laid for another hour & 1/2 partly sleeping and partly just resting. I was afraid w/ all the afternoon resting he wouldn't sleep last night, but he did.

This morning we woke up around 7 and checked his temperature. It was about 100.4. I gave him some tylenol & sent him to mom's. I called my doctor since I have chemo scheduled for next week (they won't give it to you if you're sick). I'm supposed to limit exposure to him, wash my hands lots, and keep an eye on my temperature. Hopefully I won't get sick... I really can't afford to miss a chemo session b/c I've got such limitations due to Rachel's impending birth! Oh well, I guess we'll roll w/ the punches!

Today I'm finally going to have mom cut my hair. We're probably going to go for her hair-style. My hair hurts where its heavy & trying to fall out. Its also kind of crispy/dead. Probably, according to the "Chemo & You" book I have, within a week I won't really have hair left. Its weird, my arm hair is still really firmly attached. My leg hair seems to be growing slower, but still growing. My arm-pits are still growing too. Its just odd to me! Oh well, that's just another roll w/ the punches kind of thing. The rest of today is hopefully going to be a restful and relaxing day.

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Nancy said...

I never lost any arm hair and unfortunately, I still had to shave my legs and underarms...just not as often. Also....I did lose most hair "in other places" as well. Losing it on my head was by far the most traumatic. On a positive note, I was ready much quicker in the mornings and didn't have to worry about "bedhead".
I wasn't able to wear the wig I was just too hot and itchy. I chose hats at first and then, I just went au-naturale.
Still thinking of you and praying for you. I will add your little sicky to my list too!!!
Blessings to you...

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Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...
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