Thursday, November 19, 2009

One week left!!!

Well, I didn't go into labor last night... It felt like I could have, but I didn't, thank God! I'm still kind of miserable though, so I'm going to take it easy. I'm keeping my fingers & legs crossed that she'll stay put for another 7 days.

I think Simon is either coming down w/ something or he's sensitive enough to realize that things are changing. He's been exceptionally lovey-dovey lately. He's also actually being pretty compliant - a switch from a few weeks ago. He was having tantrums & stuff, but now all the sudden he is very good. I'm not knocking it though!

Its hard to believe that in a week we're going to have another little live in our hands. Its going to be weird, but wonderful. I just hope we're ready!

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Smiling already at 2 weeks

Smiling already at 2 weeks
Rachel has been smiling as a response to other people since day one.

And two shall become one...

And two shall become one...
In 2006, Andrew & I became one before God and family! Shortly thereafter we became 3 with the birth of Simon in 2008... Then 4 with the addition of Rachel in 2009!

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