Friday, October 30, 2009

A day at the garage

Today I went to the garage w/ Andrew just to be out of my house (and mom's) for a change. I pretty much did all the same things, except there instead of here. It wasn't quite as comfortable, but it was good to see Andrew in his natural habitat!

I'm having some discomfort tonight. I don't think its really contractions, just too long in the wrong position today. I'm not rushing to L&D by any means. However, if it gets to where it feels like contractions for real, I definitely will go.

Mom took Simon's picture as a "Baby Bug" this afternoon. Its not his real Halloween costume, but its adorable none-the-less. Tomorrow we're going to Trunk-or-Treat at St. Alphonsus just up the road. He'll be dressed as a monkey (I hope). I'll try to get some pictures on here too.

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Smiling already at 2 weeks

Smiling already at 2 weeks
Rachel has been smiling as a response to other people since day one.

And two shall become one...

And two shall become one...
In 2006, Andrew & I became one before God and family! Shortly thereafter we became 3 with the birth of Simon in 2008... Then 4 with the addition of Rachel in 2009!

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