Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since it is breast cancer awareness month I thought I'd say something about donating to the various causes. Since I am currently battling breast cancer as well as being pregnant (and very pro-life), I thought it would be good to share what I know. You can take or leave my advice as you wish, however, I encourage you to do your own research on any/all organizations that get your hard-earned money. I am in no way saying any of these organizations are bad in & of themselves or that those that donate to their worthy causes are committing a horrible error. I'm simply trying to help save the babies as well as the women carrying them.

Some of the breast cancer funds are kind of sneaky w/ what they do w/ their money. Some support organizations that provide abortions and do embryonic stem cell research with aborted baby cells as well as 'abandoned' IVF embryos. Even if the Breast cancer group isn't directly supporting abortions (although many would have encouraged me to have an abortion in my situation), indirect support means that more little babies suffer. For instance, the Susan B Komen group gives and gets funds from Planned Parenthood - the leading provider of abortions in our country (if not the world). While Susan B. Komen doesn't actually fund abortions, the fact that they give money to Planned Parenthood for Planned Parenthood's breast cancer screening programs, opens up the possibility (probability) that they provide more abortion services. To my understanding, many of the government funds that go to Planned Parenthood focused on breast cancer screening, can easily get diverted once it reaches PP. The same is true for money given by Susan B Komen and other 'good' organizations that want to help w/ women's health issues like breast cancer.

Here's the breakdown w/ fake numbers of what *can* happen. Government funding gives 1 million to breast cancer screening to PP. Susan B Komen gives 1 million to breast cancer screening to PP. PP budgets and needs to use 1 million for breast cancer screening. They're left w/ 1 million extra to do w/ what they want, b/c everyone knows no-one is going to give the money back to the government or Susan B Komen. Therefore, if their abortion services aren't getting as much money, they're going to funnel at least a portion of that money there. Some of the money may also go to cover administrative needs. In other words, unless you completely know where all the money is going when you give to an organization, in the health industry you cannot guarantee exactly where it is going in the organization or in their 'favorite' sister organizations.

The way I personally get around this is to do lots of research on my own & only donate to organizations that don't have any ties to pseudo 'good' organizations. Any breast cancer screening money I have to give is going to go directly to MD Anderson's research section. They do not use embryonic stem cells. They were among the first (if not the first) to acknowledge that abortion during pregnancy does NOT in any way increase survivability of the mother. They've been treating pregnant women w/ cancer for 20 years with absolutely wonderful success.

BTW I've included embryonic stem cell research b/c some of the ESCs come from IVF babies that are 'abandoned', but some also come from aborted baby tissue. There has been little if anything done by ESCs that adult stem cells cannot do as well. However, the government is really standing behind ESCs while somewhat neglecting adult stem cells. Most people don't realize that their baby's cord blood is very rich in embryonic-type stem cells. As an adult, you also have a plethora of adult stem cells that can be used just like ESCs. Plus they're already tailored for your body unlike ESCs. There is no problem with rejection and it can also encourage your body to produce more similar cells. If you're the inquiring type, you can easily go online to research what I'm saying. There are several Pro-Life organizations that have a list of organizations that fund (even indirectly) abortions through 'sister' organizations. You can also email or write & ask individual organizations their stance on both abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

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