Friday, January 15, 2010

Keeping you abreast...

Well, I've not yet heard back definitively from MD Anderson on my possible surgery date, but I'm going to try to keep everyone informed of news as it pops up. Just in case anyone is wondering why I'm so worked up about the surgery I have to have, here's what happens... A tummy tuck & a boob job all at once.

NOTE: Any guys or gals who don't want to hear descriptions of breasts/boobs, should skip this next section or 2!

By that I mean that I'll have one team of surgeons removing the tissue from my breast area. They'll leave as much of the skin as possible (think of it as pillow cases being emptied of their pillows). While the breast surgeon is removing tissue from my chest, the plastic surgeon will be removing tissue from my lower abdomen (the scar should be a bit bigger than a C-section scar, but similar in location). This tissue will be taken into the breast area (think of putting a new pillow in the pillowcases left behind by the breast surgeon). Some of that tissue will travel under the skin to keep the nerves and blood vessels as intact as possible. Some of the tissue will be directly lifted & reconnected tediously by microsurgical techniques.

For the most part, my new breasts will not have any sensation in them - ie I won't be able to feel the poke of an underwire bra, etc. So I'll have to be extra careful of things like that. On the plus side, I'll get to choose my bra size and since they're taking my new breast tissue from my abdomen, I'll have a flat stomach. The down side is of course there will be scars, some loss of sensation/feeling, and some displacement of things. They actually cut around the belly button to keep it in the same location, but some of the other skin gets stretched around. At first I won't look 'normal' b/c the new breasts will be blank. However, by the end of all my surgeries (at least 3 I think) I'll look 'normal' even w/o my clothing. I'm trying to be delicate here, so just use your imagination if you want...

NOTE: If you turned away earlier, you can start reading now again...

Anyway, it freaks me out b/c although I will look 'normal', I won't 'feel' normally. Plus that's a lot of surgery and moving of this & that. Plus the reason I'm having to have the surgery isn't exactly a walk in the park. So I'm kind of freaking. However, for the most part, I think I'm ok w/ it. It just is what it is & will be fine I'm sure. I appreciate the prayers & thoughts I'm getting from everyone. Keep 'em coming if possible!

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Nancy said...

I will definitely keep you in my prayers! Because I hate surgery so bad...I've decided against reconstruction. Perhaps I'll change my mind in the future...but for now...I'm keeping away from the knife. My port is still in though...after my two year mark...the oncologist will have it removed.
Keep us posted on the date!
Have a great weekend!!

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