Monday, January 24, 2011

The most important right - LIFE!

Today is the annual March for Life against the atrocity of abortion. I've never been able to attend the March in Washington DC, but my heart is close to those that are attending.

There are very few things in life more precious than life. Without life the planet would be empty. Those that argue for abortion say that the already born lives are worth more than unborn lives. They also quibble about when the Constitutional right to life begins. They label pro-lifers as extremists, religious fanatics, and cold-hearted toward women. They claim that science backs their stance that until birth, an unborn child is not a child at all, but simply an extension of the woman's body. It saddens me to hear women give this last explanation if they have already carried a child to term.

If you've ever been pregnant (or been around a pregnant woman) I don't understand how you can say the infant in her womb is just an extension of her body. By 15-20 weeks almost all women have felt their infant move within them. You also know, if you've been pregnant or around a pregnant woman, that these infant movements are definitely *not* initiated by the mother. Especially later into the pregnancy, these movements aren't even very appreciated by the mother as internal organs begin getting pinched, poked, kicked, sat upon, etc. The infant in the womb is most definitely a separate human with a mind, body, & soul of its own.

Science differentiates sub-species and variants of the smallest life-forms (bacteria, viruses, etc). It baffles me how this same 'group' can deny that upon conception, a new life begins. As soon as the egg is fertilized, there are dynamic changes within the woman's body. Chromosomes are paired and unique to this individual (or individuals in the case of identical twins - even they have some regions of their DNA that are variable sometimes) and completely separate from the mother. The gender of this baby is already established although definitely not visible. Shortly after conception, the embryo (or pre-embryo as some like to call it) begins its own metabolism. The embryo begins dividing, growing, and travelling down the fallopian tubes into the uterus. Once implanted the embryo begins to develop its protective placenta and amniotic sac. The unborn baby will reside in the mothers uterus for approximately 9 months. Although entirely dependant on the mother for nutrients and other metabolic necessities, the unborn baby's internal organs are fully functional from as early as 10 weeks. The unborn baby is genetically different from both mother & father. The unborn baby is capable of movement, reactions, 'breathing' (amniotic fluid), metabolism, & even thought. How can the term 'life' be given to bacteria, viruses (they don't even metabolize on their own), and other single celled organisms, but not to an exquitely created multi-celled unborn baby?

Historically, MLK, Rosa Parks, etc fought for civil rights for minorities (particularly African Americans). Prior to the civil rights movement, African Americans were thought to lack feeling, intelligence, and the ability to live on their own (just to name a few). In other words, they were classified as less than human. Civil rights leaders fought to dispel these myths. They were met with hostility and fuzzy science. They were persecuted and ostracized from society. They were labeled as extremists. They were slaughtered. However, they were allowed the fundamental right to life and grow and therefore they were capable of defending themselves and speaking out for themselves. The unborn are denied that most fundamental right, so we pro-lifers must take up their cause. MLK's relative, Avelda King is an advocate for both civil rights for minorities AND for the right to life for the unborn. She has pointed out that the number of minorities aborted is absurdly high. Minorities are coerced and told by society that they are incapable of controlling their bodies (ie avoiding sex & pregnancy in the first place) and that they are incapable of handling their own lives and those of their children. That is patently false.

I know there are many pro-aborts out there who claim to be 'personally pro-life' but feel its not their 'place' to tell another woman what to do with her body. On one hand, I agree. I'm not presuming (nor are any of the pro-lifers) to tell women what to do with their bodies. Instead, I'm asking women (and men) to be responsible for their actions. Contrary to popular belief, sex (protected, safe, or not) is scientifically documented to result in pregnancy. That's the purpose of sex (just look at the animal kingdom). Therefore, if men & women were responsible with their bodies and actions, abortion would not be necessary. Now, I know some out there are thinking, but what about rape, incest, pre-natal diagnosises that are incompatible with life? My answer is that even in these cases, the unborn baby did nothing wrong to deserve a death sentence. No, in rape & incest, it is definitely not the mother's fault she conceived. However, it is also not the fault of her unborn child. Regardless of the fact that 1/2 of that baby's genes came from the rapist father, the other 1/2 are fully from the mother. That is *her* flesh and blood. The child did not ask to be conceived just as the mother did not ask to be raped. However, the woman should not simply snuff out the child's life. That's two wrongs (rape & murder) not equalling a right. As for incompatible with life pre-natal diagnosises, well, they're wrong a good portion of time - in other words, both mother & baby are fine. Plus, again, the child did not ask to be conceived, nor if asked would it chose to die. Sure, some out there are thinking, but if the child is going to suffer and die upon birth (if the diagnosis is correct), why not just 'end' its misery? Well, my great-grandmother is 95. She's going to die soon (probably). She has arthritis something awful as well as osteoporosis and some dementia. She even sometimes says, "I don't know why God hasn't called me home." However, it would not be right for me to snuff out her life. As a matter of fact, I would be prosecuted in a court of law for hastening her death.

As a society, nowdays people are outraged at animal shelters that euthanize unwanted animals. However, society turns a blind eye to killing the unborn. Sure, the unwanted (and sometimes ill, maimed, etc) animals are already 'alive' and independent. Sure they're cute and cuddly. However, they are *animals*. I love my animals (I have quite a menagerie), don't get me wrong. However, if I must chose between a human life and an animal life, the human will win *EVERY* time. That's because humans operate on a higher plane than animals. We rationalize and control our own destinies (whether for good or bad is up to us).

So please, join me in praying for hearts to change. Let the most innocent of us - the unborn - have the right to life. End the atrocity called abortion. Whether you're Catholic (& should definitely be pro-life) or aethist, matters not. All that matters is that unborn human babies are given the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest - beyond the womb!

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