Monday, May 24, 2010

Weird day...

Well, today I really didn't want to get out of bed. That seems to have started a day straight out of the weird world. I had to take the kids & Andrew to Calhoun b/c Andrew didn't have the Bronco here to transport the kids. I didn't mind but it did make me run late - especially since we went to the lawyer's office to sign the paperwork on Andrew selling the garage (more on that later).

As I was driving from Calhoun to Madisonville, I had a horrible thought... I had court in the furthest tip of Western KY with my supervisor. Since I was late I called the lab to tell them & ask about court. Of course the cell signal was iffy so I could only hear a small part of what the Admin. Assistant was telling me. Of course, I heard her loud & clear when she answered my question about whether my supervisor was mad at me or not... It was a resounding yes. Uh oh! I put my foot to the floor as I reached behind my seat to grab my ever-present suit (I'm always paranoid something like this is going to happen). I was putting my skirt on over my jeans as I drove down the road - believe it or not it is possible to do that w/o a) flashing other drivers & b) ever taking both hands off the steering wheel!

I pulled up at the lab in my suit minus jacket (it was way to hot for the jacket) - thank goodness I had the sense to dress w/ a good shirt & shoes this morning! My supervisor already had the car started & pulled close to the door. I shot our of my car & ran into the lab to grab my wig & my case information. We got on the road & he wasn't really too mad at me (or else I just suck at noticing). We talked as he drove the 2+ long hours to court. This is a place we all hate to go b/c its the furthest point in Western KY & just a horribly long drive. There are no restaurants or even recognizable convenience stores. Part of the city is falling into the Ohio River. To get to the rest of the town you have to cross a ferry!

The weird part of my day was starting... While in the city we saw 2 one-armed men (one used to be Sheriff), a waxed mustache, a guy that talked like SlingBlade, houses falling into the Ohio River, and LOTS of underwater farmland. It also stormed w/ lots of wind, lightning, & hard rain while we were there... On the drive back it seemed as if it only rained in that county... If I'd seen a man playing banjo I'd have thought I was in Deliverance & gotten the heck out of Dodge!

After sitting in the courthouse for over 4 hours, we finally started back home. As we drove my supervisor's GPS was calculating our estimated arrival time. He was driving well over the speed-limit, but for some reason the ETA stayed the same the WHOLE way home... Talk about teaching you that speeding - especially when you're in Deliverance land - does not get you home appreciably faster. So that was my day in a nutshell!

On to Andrew's story. Since 2007 he's had his own garage/shop in Rumsey/Calhoun. He's an ASE certified automotive technician (mechanic). He seemed to be doing ok since opening. However, after careful examination he's found that a) people don't pay you when you cut them a break, b) people are *really* tight w/ money right now, and c) busting your butt just to pay upkeep is NOT worth it. So he's officially closing his doors sometime soon. I think he's still going to be doing some side-jobs, but he's primarily going to focus on either going back to school or finding a decent job around here. I'm disappointed for him, but I'm glad he's going to be pro-active and do something good for himself. I'm hoping this new endeavor lets him be himself & fulfills his potential. I know he's great, now I want everyone else to know too!

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Smiling already at 2 weeks

Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...
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