Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Over the hills & through the grass...

This morning I got the pleasure of sleeping in since I get time off to vote in the primaries. So I slept in until about 9. Then I got ready to leave to vote & go to work. On my way out the driveway I looked in the field for Febe. I didn't see her. I stopped, got out, & looked again. Still no Febe in the field. I went back to the building to grab her halter & lead-rope so if I saw her I could catch her. Well, I rounded the first curve and saw my horse's rear in the tall grass. I got my car situated so I could drive it and lead her back to the house. I walked up to her thinking, "Well, at least she's not far from home." I don't know if I jinxed myself or if its just the sudden spring-like weather that got to her. All I do know is that she got it in her tiny little brain to take off running. I followed her up and down hills through sometimes waist high grass. At one point I'd chased her probably 1/4 mile & decided it was time to go get reinforcements. I left her happily grazing while I went to go get my mom. She leapt to action, even though she had both of my brother's girls with her already. My dad stayed behind to watch them. She drove until we saw Febe again. then she let me out & she tried to position herself to keep Febe from going to the highway (less than 1 mile from where she was at the time). Sure enough, Febe ran straight at her going toward the highway. Luckily my mom honked the horn, revved the engine, and turned Febe up another hill that is backed by a cattle pasture. I kept walking after her.

Mom went to trade the car in for the 4-wheeler since its more manouverable. I followed Febe up another hill and finally got her along the fence-line. Of course, in order to get there she had to go through 2-3 peoples yards... Sorry neighbors. One of the neighbors came out to see if he could help. In a way I was hoping all the neighbors were at work so they wouldn't witness my horse tramping through their yards. In another way I was glad for any extra help since Febe was NOT cooperating. I'd gotten close to her several times only to have her jump and take off running/bucking as soon as I tried to slowly move the rope into position. Finally between the 4-wheeler, my neighbor, & me we got the halter on her. It took about 45 minutes just to catch her & put her in a (hopefully) secure area. She doesn't canter/run much, but she sure can trot FAST!

I have no idea where she's getting out. I just walked the fence lines Saturday and repaired, patched, propped, and/or barricaded some areas. However, it all seems to be sufficient to keep her inside. However, the old axiom "The grass on the other side is always greener" is *very* true for horses. In Febe's case it is really true b/c the grass on the other side of the fence is nice & tall w/o any old horse piles (they don't like to eat grass around piles) while the field she's in has been cropped close to the ground except around the clover patches (Wally's favorite). For some reason, Febe will let the clover get quite tall without eating any of it. We have a simple latch on the one gate in our backyard & I'm thinking that she's figured out how to open it. One of my old horses, Moonshine, was capable. I had to keep something wrapped around that gate/latch to keep her inside. I'll walk the field again this afternoon. Hopefully I'll find the problem.

When I got to work my arms, chest, and shoulders were already sore. That's definitely a bummer. My pants were also soaked from the knee down w/ grass seeds & mud all over my shoes. I did get to vote though!

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Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...
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