Monday, January 23, 2012

March for Life

Great article. Women, including myself, do deserve better than abortion as a choice. In my experience, doctors suggest abortion when they just aren't sure how to treat a pregnant woman. They are also over concerned with their own convenience and/or covering their rumps to provide adequate care for pregnant women. Having abortion as an option keeps them from finding alternative ways to care for pregnant women.

I was 20 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Abortion was one of the 'treatment' options given to me. However, it was NOT necessary or even in my best interest according to lesser know research by MDAnderson Cancer Center. They've found that women who are diagnosed while pregnant and seek treatment while maintaining their pregnancy do BETTER than their abortive counterparts. How many other situations are like this? How many women have been given the 'choice' of abortion without a reasonable alternative? How many women have been misinformed about their 'choices' and gone on to end an innocent life only to find out later the abortion was not necessary? So how is abortion really a choice that helps women?

Since Roe v. Wade, doctors have had abortion and birth control as their first-line treatment for women's conditions. Proponents of women's right to "choose" have fought tooth and nail against any regulations or legislation that seeks to provide women with resources and information about their true options. Abortion providers claim to have women's health as their priority, but often the 'clinics' where abortions are performed are staffed by nonmedical personnel and lacking in proper surgical atmosphere. Any effort to ensure that clinics follow standards of care that are in place in any other medical facility meets with strong resistance from pro-aborts. How can women's education, sanitary conditions, and medical personnel be thought of as infringing on women's rights?

When pro-aborts actually promote ALL women's rights, then the debate over abortion will be more difficult. Until then, they are dead in the water -- just as all those babies are dead!

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Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...
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