Friday, December 16, 2011

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So I'll use a thousand words to describe last night's (and this morning's events).

First, Andrew and I returned from physical therapy around 6. The kids were over-joyed to see us, so they were their usual rambunctious selves. As a matter of fact, in his rush to greet us Simon sent Rachel crashing to the floor with a flying elbow. The kids sat down -- well, they were supposed to be sitting -- for chicken nuggets and fries. I was working on laundry and general house-stuff while Andrew was taking care of his own business. Simon kept tattling on Rachel. "She's on the table", "She's trying to get my food", "She's putting barbecue sauce all over", "She put her food in my apple juice", and other tattles met my ears, oh every thirty seconds or so... The sad thing was all his tattles were true! So, I didn't get much accomplished.

With my physical therapy requiring "homework", I've made an effort to include the children in my routine. This has two goals: one -- to keep them from clambering all over me while I do my stretches and two -- to get rid of some toddler/preschooler rambunctiousness. Sadly, neither of these goals are actually fully attained. However, my abdominal muscles do get an excellent workout as I tense for body blows and laugh uproariously at their imitations of me and their overall antics.

Fast-forward to bedtime (anywhere from 830-930 lately). Both of my children are in that long-lived phase of objecting to bedtime. They get one TV show prior to bed as their 30-45 minute warning. Throughout the show either Andrew or I remind them that as soon as their show ends, bedtime begins. As a consequence, Simon constantly states the entire time, "It's not over yet", while emphatically pleading for another show after the current one. Ir's hilarious actually because his demands begin almost as soon as the show does.

As typical 2 and 3 year olds, my two have excessive energy, especially in this colder and gloomy winter weather. We have tried to reduce their pent up energy by allowing Simon his training-wheeled bike in the house. E have also supplied Rachel with her own tricycle in the house. However, the rule is supposed to be that during their show (and for about an hour prior to bedtime, bikes are not to be ridden nor is wrestling, running, or other exciting horseplay allowed. These rules are intended to help them settle down for bed. Instead, Simon, in particular, flouts these rules and often incites Rachel (with very little effort) to do the same. So the semi-relaxing TV show turns into another constant haranguing.

Once the show is over, they brush their teeth together (pajamas, vitamins, and lotions/massages are taken care of during the show) are tucked into bed. Both sit on Rachel's bed while we say our prayers. They each give intentions for various people. I like to think these spontaneous mentions of somewhat random relatives, friends, or vague acquaintances are a manifestation of the Holy Spirit speaking through the mouths of babes. More than once they have prayed for an individual I later find was in need of specific prayer at that time. Then I sing them a song -- typically Joyful Joyful (Beethoven's Odd to Joy), Hail Mary, Immaculate Mary, Holy God We Praise Thy Name, or currently an Advent song. Occasionally a nursery rhyme is requested as well. Then Simon goes to his room to "read" before falling asleep. Rachel is tucked into bed with a vast array of comforts: two "huggies" (loveys), at least one doll (lately she's on a Rapunzel kick), her Leap Frog musical puppy, at least one blanket, her pillow, and her birdie soother. some nights this arrangement is just this simple, but other nights one or both strenuously object and/or demand one of us (typically Andrew is requested) lay with them. However, we have refrained from that for the most part.

Now is when my night can begin. I start and hopefully finish any chores for the day. I take a quick (or not-so-quick) shower. Occasionally, my time is still divided between enforcing bedtime or soothing the kids' qualms about bed. Once all is quiet we can finally do some relaxing and/or try to go to sleep ourselves. if sleep is forthcoming, it seems that it never fails before on child is crying and demanding a drink or just comfort. We oblige and pray for sleep for the household.

Sometime in the night/early morning hours, usually anywhere from 2-4 am, Rachel will decide it's time to wake-up. She'll enter our room, turn on the light, hand Andrew his glasses, and demand a drink @ cartoons. He, in his spoiling nature, will actually comply. I, on the other hand play opossum or direct her back to bed with a sip of water. This process can repeat itself indefinitely. Lately, out of exhaustion, I've begun inviting Rachel into bed with us.

On the this night, both kids came to our room for comfort at one point it another. So when I awoke for work the feeling of being a sardine was immediately apparent. On the outside left was Andrew, snoring gently. Next to him was Rachel, sprawled out like she owned the bed, also snoring gently. Then I was squeezed between her and Simon, who had his rump in my face. Simon was also snoring (as perhaps i had been prior to waking).

Rachel, Simon, and I are all hot natured, although the kids wear more pjs than me (since they always seem to lose their covers in the night), so the blankets were down covering Andrew and me to our knees. our bed, though queen-sized, was definitely not designed for two adults AND two children of the sleeping habits we have. Not one of us is a quiet or restful sleeper. The kids typically move from heads on pillows to feet on pillows and everything in-between during the night.
When sleeping with us they tend to take up 3/4 of the bed, while Andrew and I scrounge for the remainder. I'm sure we were a sight!! Luckily, my exit from the bed was unnoticed and I got off to work with none of them the wiser. However, it was definitely a struggle to leave the cozy confines of that bed.

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Smiling already at 2 weeks

Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...

And two shall become one...
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