Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy birthday Simon!

Its hard to believe that this time 3 years ago Andrew & I didn't have any children - except for Simon in the womb. We were frantic that year because here in KY we'd had an ice/snow storm that practically stranded us out in the boonies where we live. We actually spent the night in town at my aunt Jacqueline's house to make sure we could get to the hospital on time. We were driving a big 4-wheel drive Dodge Ram truck that could go anywhere, but we didn't want me to be in labor & deliver in it! 

When we got to the hospital, I was already over 3 cm & 80%+ dilated. I was scheduled for 'augmentation' which was Dr. B's code for induction. Around 6 am they plugged me into the Pitocin drip. For many hours, nothing really happened. I read a 300 page book. When I'd have a contraction, I'd hold my breath & say, "That was a good one." Then Andrew & I would look at the monitors to see how 'good' of a contraction it was. Then the nurses kept coming in every 15 minutes or so to fiddle with my IV. They kept turning it down more & more. I had gone into labor on my own & they were no longer in control. I wasn't hurting much, so I decided to wait for Dr. B to break my water before getting my epidural. BIG MISTAKE!!! Once my water was broken the contractions started HURTING! They couldn't give me my epidural fast enough!!! However, I sat really still like a good little girl & they got me started quickly. About 2 hours after the epidural went in, Dr. B came in & asked me to push on her count. Andrew held my hand & coaxed me into breathing through the oxygen mask. Ten pushes later (about 10 minutes too), Simon was born at 6:36 pm February 14th. Ever since then our world has pretty much revolved around him.

On his first birthday we had a party for him. He did the requisite face-plant in his cake. He also attempted to blow the candles out himself. That night he decided he was a big boy and no longer wanted to nurse. I was happy, but also sad because it was already a sign of him growing up.

Last year, for his 2nd birthday, I was recovering from chemo while pregnant, delivering Rachel, and finishing up chemo after delivery. I was also preparing for my bilateral mastectomy and implant reconstruction. As a matter of fact, we had been in Houston for doctors' appointments on February the 11th, came home for Simon's party, and went back to Houston for my surgery February 19th. He had a tractor cake made by my mom & he LOVED it! He blew all his candles out and had a blast. He even shared the spot-light with Rachel to a degree since she was so little & new everyone wanted her.

This year for his birthday, all the usual suspects were present - my family gang! We had Kid's Haute Cuisine (basically kid favorites made much more tolerable to adult palates). Mom made scrumptious sugar cookies with home-made icing in race-car, hearts, & flowers. Some of them she skewered and made into a bouquet. Dad made Piglets in a Blanket (Lil Smokies = Piglets) and 6 various, but all delicious, dipping sauces. Jill made terrific corn fritters as well as comforting baked Mac 'n Cheese in cupcake pans. Laura & Rowan brought a chocolate fountain with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, & marshmallows. Can you say "YUM"? My contribution were bite-sized, crust-less PB&J sandwiches. As usual, the kids were having more fun running around than eating, but I think they all relished the fact that we had some of their favorite dishes available for them.  

We played "Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat" - my very own variation of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". Each child colored their very own gender specific cut-out child. Then they were challenged to put their driver in the driver's seat of the tractor I'd created out of a card-board box. The littlest (Lukas & Rachel) just staggered up there with my help & placed their cut-outs. The 3-year olds (Simon & Sarah) were blind-folded. Sarah objected to the blindfold, so she forfeited her turn. The older children (Abby - 5 in March, Corbin - 5 in September, & Evan - 6) had blind-folds AND were spun the amount of years between Simon's age & theirs. The winner was Corbin who was really quite spot-on. Next we tried to play a static-electricity game with the balloons, but it didn't work out so well. However, the balloons in general (I blew up 25 with my own air) were a big hit - sometimes literally as the boys & girls took them & pounded each other with them. 

Simon was really quite impressed with his gifts too. He got a Cars bed tent, a Cars sleeping bag, a lantern, boots, a Cars puzzle, a monster truck,  a Cars eating set, a firetruck, a dump-truck, a Ford tractor, and Cars books. His favorite seemed to be the firetruck & dump-truck for the time being. He changes favorites like most people change their clothes. All in all I think he had a great time. He's so excited he can't sleep, plus he's having some paranoia about bugs right now. 

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Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Simon!!

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Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...
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