Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sick Simon... :-(

Does anyone have any suggestions for a little boy who has croup but no fever? When we went to the ER last time (he stopped breathing for a short while), they gave him breathing treatments & a steriod. We've given him 2 breathing treatments in 4 hours already & he's still snotting & coughing. We have humidifiers & have put him in cooler PJs. Poor baby even has Stridor. Its all due to allergies we're pretty sure...

We've got the (3) humidifiers running full blast. One is a hot/steam one & doesn't seem to help. The other 2 (one in his bedroom & the other in Rachel's) don't seem to be helping either. We didn't take him outside much b/c its been raining. He is wheezing & congested, so we're using the nebulizer we got for Rachel's RSV. About 20 minutes aftertreatment he's much better altho you can still see him laboring to breathe a bit. He can then sleep for about 4 hours - then the coughing, wheezing, and stridor breathing starts again. So we give him another treatment.The Vicks (both the baby & adult versions, plus the plug-ins) don't seem to be doing much either. He is drinking & making wet diapers, so he is hydrated. He's not cyanotic ever or even seriously in respiratory distress except when he's upset. Today we got him some children's Zyrtec and he's been dosed 1/2 a tsp. We're waiting to see if that improves his night... I sure hope so!

Even though he's sick he's still a sweetheart. I have the sweetest son in the world! Tonight I was laying down w/ him and pretending to sleep to encourage him to sleep. He very gently started rubbing my cheeks, forehead, eyes, and shoulders. When I opened my eyes he'd say really softly, "Sleep mommy." How sweet is that?


Nancy said...

Poor little guy! Gee, Erika...I have no advice for you...all three of mine have been on a nebulizer at one time or another...and Amelia had RSV when she was 7 weeks old.....but we've never had the croup. It sounds like you're doing all the right things to ease his symptoms. I always remember the movie Terms of Endearment (ya, I know) but Debra Wingers character had a child with the croup...they sat in a closed bathroom with only the hot water running in the shower. I don't know if the hot steam is supposed to work...or if it there is any truth to that at all! Just keep in close contact with his doctor...and keep doing what you're doing.
I'll pray for Simon's speedy recovery!!

Anonymous said...

Put him over the sink and let him breath hot steam from the hot water and close the door. I have asthma, the croup and have had since I was little. That helps and it will break up any congestion he has. It will help him!!

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Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...
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