Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally finished w/ the trip from hell!

I don't know who we made so angry, but the weather was certainly NOT with us this trip to Houston. While we were driving down it snowed all through TN, MO, & AR. Then it poured down rain all through TX w/ a little snow mixed in while we were in the northern portion. The whole time we were in Houston it rained too. Then we were trying to beat the bad weather that was supposed to hit this (Friday) morning by leaving right after my last appointment. It didn't work out so well - it snowed almost almost all the way up through TX! SNOW in TX!!! How often does that happen & why did it have to happen while we were trying to drive?!?! Each leg of our journey took 17+ hours verses the 13 hour trip we made back in July over the exact same route!

I had a pretty decent doctor day Thursday though. I was a little nervous b/c I was getting all my tests & examinations for ovarian cancer (the 2nd part of my genetics - BRCA1). I've had 'female' problems practically since puberty, so I've always kind of wondered if that will make the likelihood of me having ovarian cancer worse than a 'normal' BRCA1 carrier. Anyway, all my tests were negative for any problems. I spoke w/ the gynecology oncologist about going ahead and removing all my female parts to prevent ovarian cancer. I was afraid she would be *really* against it since I'm so 'young'. However, after cautioning me about the possible horrors of surgical menopause she listened to my reasons. She said she'd do it if I still want it done when I have my exchange surgery (the expanders get replaced w/ the real inserts about 3 months after the initial surgery). She did give me a book to read about the pros and cons of doing the surgery, but I don't think it is really going to change my mind.

I've spoken to another woman who is my same age, has the same age children (altho reversed - her girl was 2 & her boy was 2 months when she had her surgery). She didn't have cancer 1st, but she did the prophylactic surgeries. She said the side-effects were very minor for her. I'm polling others that I know have had the surgery (both actually) to see what their experience was like. I know everyone is different, but if several had good experiences, then I can at least hope.

It was so sweet to come home & see the babies again! Simon immediately latched on to Andrew (like usual). Rachel kind of did the same thing. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. When we had them both home with us, Simon was a bit jealous of Andrew's attention to Rachel, but he soon go over it. Before too long I was holding Rachel while Simon sat in my lap & 'helped' me feed her. He can count to 8 now all by himself. He's learning more of the alphabet too! We're having a grand-parent party for his birthday tomorrow. We decided to keep it really low key b/c of the illnesses going around, my upcoming surgery, and the weather. He'll have a good time regardless. Since even he's not quite smart enough to read I'll tell you guys what we got him for his birthday... A Radio Flyer tri-cycle! Its the fold-up kind & for a while anyway we're going to keep it in the house. We also got him a dump-truck w/ sand-toys (shovel, rake, & molds) for the sand-box we're going to build him this summer. He's already gotten 2 other gifts from us - a plush Ford tractor & a set of New Holland farm equipment: dually tractor, gravity grain wagon, semi-truck w/ grain trailer, and a combine with bean & corn headers. He absolutely loves it!

Tomorrow should be interesting. I've already put him to bed. The odds are 50-50 that he'll stay in bed. He's been with Brenda & she has a tendency to hold him in her bed all night. He was exceptionally tired though, so hopefully he'll stay asleep!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Simon! I hope the party goes well!

I can certainly attest to the "horrors of surgical menopause"...but all in all, it really isn't that bad. The hotflashes have been the hardest part for me. I've always had mood swings so that really wasn't any different for me.
I think surgical menopause is much better than the potential side effects of cancer! You can do it and you'll be fine.
I think of often and you remain in my prayers.

Binary said...

Hey Simon,

I will be having a PBM soon with expanders to implants. Thanks for blogging your experience. Please consider adding my blog to your blogroll.


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Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...
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