Friday, July 17, 2009

I HATE tunnels (including MRI tunnels)

OK - I was too freaked out last night to write, but I had my MRIs of my spine done last night. I'm just a bit claustrophobic & even get freaked out driving through tunnels. Spending almost an hour in a very small, LOUD, and uncomfortable MRI tunnel was NOT a good thing. Rachel didn't much appreciate my tenseness & kept booting me the whole time. Afterwards, I think b/c I was so tense, I was having painful Braxton Hicks contractions all night. Poor little Rachel wasn't very happy with me. Finally I took a Xanax & settled down to sleep.

I know that considering everything that's going on the MRI tunnel should have been the least of my worries, but my rational mind & my REAL mind weren't exactly seeing eye to eye. There's only so much I can control in my own mind even. This is one of those irrational fears that I have a really hard time dealing with - kind of like heights. However, its over now, so hopefully I'm on to better things.

Today's menu includes shopping & seeing some sights of Houston. We're going to Gymboree for Rachel and then to Motherhood Maternity for me. I'm needing some new clothes for this pregnancy - Simon's was during the winter, so I have the wrong seasons. Then who knows what we're going to do! There's a dog show at Reliant Park, actually visible from our hotel. I think the dog show is going to be aired on Animal Planet eventually. They've got agility trials, frisbee dogs, and the more typical (boring) dog show stuff. Anyway, we have all weekend to ourselves! Hope you guys have a good time!

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kathy said...

I hate MRI's,too. Everytime I get one I get to thinking I've got some metal something in my skull I've forgotten about and it'll get magnetized out! Completely irrational I know ... Anyway I just want you all to know I love you guys and I'm thinking all positive thoughts and sending them on to the powers that be ... Kathy

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Smiling already at 2 weeks
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And two shall become one...
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